• A PROFESSIONAL Full Time Award Winning Musician
  • Has 11 years and 1200+ performance experience 
  • Reputable, Reliable, Knowledgable, Organized 
  • Live Music...Original + Cover shows
  • Studio Recording 
  • Party Music (Duos, Trios, 4+5piece BANDS)
  • Ambiance and Instrumentals
  • Private Parties
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Receptions
Peter was born in Zilina, Slovakia, emigrating to Montreal, Canada with his family when he was 3. He listened to his mother sing and play piano in their Montreal apartment while growing up in a very multicultural school within a predominantly new immigrant community. He was thus exposed to all kinds of cultures, religions, music, art and languages. It was there that the seed of wanting to actively participate in arts and culture was planted.

Peter started to play guitar and sing more seriously at the age of 17 in at Holy Trinity High school in Kanata, where he began crafting his skills as a writer and musician predominantly with long time friends Shawn Tavenier of Silver Creek and Tyler Kealey. He played in school events, various bands and explored blues, funk, folk, and alternative music styles. His best effort to marry his love for performance art and entertainment led Peter to attended Carleton University and earn a degree in English Literature with a Minor in Musicology.

Vocal influences include: David Gray, Cat Stevens, Dave Matthews, Johnny Cash, Martin Sexton, Ben Harper, Ray Charles, Shannon Hoon.
His guitar influences include: Dave Matthews, Mark Knopfler, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Brian Setzer, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Ben Harper, Billy Corgan.

The Peter Voith Trio and his 16 track album are currently Peter’s most serious outlet for his original music.



Clubs, Weddings, Corporate, Private...

20 Weddings 2015
15 Corporate and Private events 2015 
16 Weddings 2014 20 Corporate and Private events 2014
200+ performances 2014
40 Wedding + Corporate events 2013

Co-Owner of "Jackson Miles Music" (2009-Present)
2005 until 2012 Ottawa Bluesfest
2005-2013 Blues In Schools Instructor
To Write Love On Her Arms (Jamie Tworkowski)
Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival
2010 Beijing "Meet In Beijing Festival", China
2010 Vancouver Olympics
2009 Dancing In The Streets - Max Keeping invitational
Quarter Life "All Of My Heart" EP, Released May 2008
2008 Zilina Slovakia, Italy, and Swiss Alps
2007 Havana Jazz Festival, Cuba
3 trips 2007-2008 Havana, Cuba:
Songwriting with Elmer Ferrer. Co-writer "PowerOfGreed"
Elmer Ferrer (No Guitars Allowed 2009)
Co-writer "Crazy Window" Elmer Ferrer (Fango Dance 2007)
2007 HOPE BEACH festival (Thornley+ThreeDaysGrace)
Quarter Life"Hands On Today" LP, Released June of 2007
2ndPLACE:2007 106.9FMTHEBEAR songwriting competition

Peter Voith is a full time professional Canadian musician and co-owner/co-founder of Jackson Miles Music (2010-Present), Quarter Life (2004-2008), and The Bourbon Brothers Band (2001-2009) and has earned a living working as a musician by singing lead and backup vocals, playing acoustic guitar, lead and rhythm electric guitar, banjo, recording, and songwriting for the last 11 years. He has performed on many stages around the world from clubs of all sizes, to weddings + corporate events, and a wide variety of festivals. He has charted thousands of live performances and studio sessions thus far. He performed regularly and maintains a fond friendship and working relationship with Ben Cooper and Highway Sunrise, Jason Leen and The JayMarks, Tony Raybould and the Nepean School of Music, Nick Gabroussenok, Peter Gilroy and Michael Wood of Ottawa Special Events, Cory Bergeron and Pebble Studios, Grace Lachance and the Ottawa Bluesfest, Shawn Tavenier and Silver Creek, Tyler Kealey, Jeff Rogers, Blair Hogan, Elmer Ferrer, Juan Pablo Dominguez, Amhed Mitchell, Ryan MacIntyre, Stuart Watkins, Robert Milicevic, Dan Joseph, Dan Loach, Samantha Timmins, Brian and Jeff Asselin, Kelly Craig, Steve Boudreau, Anders Drerup, Troy Lajambe and Tympanic

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